Youtube has redesigned its logo and website

Online video giant Youtube has redesigned its logo, desktop site and mobile app as well as launching new functionality. Read a freelance web designer's take on it here.

Youtube has redesigned its logo and website

YouTube's first re-design has arrived!

Internet giant YouTube has re-launched its mobile app, desktop site and logo all at once. Since YouTube's launch back in 2005 its logo and design has been pretty much the same. Up until now it's been a case of "If it's not broke then why fix it?". Although the design hasn't changed dramatically, its subtle differences are what makes it seem like a huge upgrade.

The logo

Although the colour scheme is much the same aside from the brighter red, the logo is very different. Throughout its life, YouTube has modernised its logo a few times by altering the colour and 3D effect on the red "tube" that surrounded the word "Tube" itself (see image below).

YouTube logo timeline

The red background behind "Tube" was meant to symbolise a TV tube - as in the old vacuum tubes that powered old TVs. These days of course, TV tubes are well and truly obsolete so YouTube have decided to scrap that element all together. Now their famous "Play" icon is the main focal point.

Have a look at their new logo below:

New Logo

The red colour has been brightened up considerably to #FF0000 and their use of an icon allows them to use the increasingly popular option of "abbreviating" their logo for smaller screens. YouTube designers have also gone all out and created their own typeface for this logo which is also used throughout the rest of the site.

That's right! Not only has the logo been redesigned, the entire interface is getting an overhaul along with the typeface and some added functionality. Keep reading to find out more!

The User Interface

Youtube's interface has stayed quite similar throughout its life. The familiar thumbnail video links laid out in a grid along with a search bar at the top. Nice and simple but definitely lacking in functionality.

The new UI brings in a sidebar for desktop sites which not only looks really clean but it also provides you options that you used to have to leave the page to find. With all your libraries, subscriptions and personal settings sitting comfortably on the side of the screen, YouTube has turned its user interface into a much more modern user experience.

Youtube Design

The desktop redesign has allowed for more white space giving it a much cleaner feeling compared to the previous version.

And of course let's not forget about my favourite new feature! The option to turn YouTube into a sexy dark website with its new "Dark Mode".


YouTube Light


YouTube Dark


Aside from the sidebar, there is some genuine software development wizardry added to YouTube's mobile app! Yes! Wizardry!

Videos are rarely ever the same size when talking about dimensions. So previously, YouTube, along with pretty much all other video streaming services have allowed videos to have black areas either at the top and bottom of your clip to accommodate for the different video sizes. But not anymore!

Youtube now alters the size of the container to fit the video in perfectly. It changes size right in front of your eyes without the need to reload the page and allows for the only thing in the video container to be the clip you are watching. Wizardry!

Check out this handy little gif to see what I mean.

Well done YouTube! Let me know what you think of their redesign in the comments!

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