Top Tips for Potential Freelancers

Some tips on how to get started and stay productive if you're considering taking the plunge and working for yourself.

5 Tips for Potential Freelancers

1 - Do it!!

I know that might seem obvious but you'd be surprised with the amount of people who say to me "I wish I'd have started working for myself!"

Avoid talking about what it would be like to work for yourself too much and just go ahead and do it!

There's a million reasons not to do it. However there's a million and one reasons to do it. It's not easy and the uncertainty of not knowing if you'll succeed is daunting, but you'll never know if you don't try. I suggest sitting down one day and thinking about what your business would be called, what it's logo would look like, what your web address would be, your ideal first client and so on. Once you start to visualise it happening, it's much easier to take the plunge.

2 - Charge what you're worth.

The key here is that - if you're anything like me - then you're worth a lot more than you think you are. Even now, after taking on numerous clients, I still feel weary of charging standard prices which can be up in the thousands. The important thing to remember though is that, whatever you're doing, you're doing because either most people don't know how or simply don't want to do it for themselves. This is why you're able to charge and people are willing to pay.

Take buying a car for example.
If you want a nice set of alloys or an upgraded sound system, you ask the dealer to do that. Not because you're lazy, but because you know it'll be done better if a professional does it. It works the same with your own business. People will be willing to pay you for a service that they need.

So charge accordingly. If a client wants a job done, and you're able to do that job, they need to be willing to pay you. Don't let people take the mick. Especially if you're new to business.

3 - Take time off.

I'm not saying that you should take a week off every month. I'm talking about weekends, family events and the like.

It's very easy to get wrapped up in your workload and forget about everything else that's happening around you. But if you don't take time off to enjoy yourself then you'll start to resent your own business and that just defeats the purpose.

4 - Go to workshops

If you're in Scotland, I'd recommend going along to Business Gateway workshops. Sometimes they have some insights that you might not have thought of ... Most of the time they just tell you things that fall under "common sense". Like "Make sure to get your business on Facebook."

The main reason to go along is networking. There's always people just like you that are looking to expand their business. And you never know, they may well need what you're offering.

5 - Creating an eye-catching logo

I know this really goes without saying but you need a logo that stands out.

There's a reason you know what some logos are before you're close enough to read them. They're so eye-catching that even the colours are ingrained in your head. Of course, these large companies have huge marketing budgets. Without a large budget, you may need to resort to guerilla marketing. If you can get to a stage where people recognise your logo without any words around it, then you've won! Beers are on you!

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