Improve Your Social Media Workflow with Thought-Out Planning and Scheduling

Social media provides a lot of benefits for businesses. Whether it’s engaging with and learning about your audience, or building loyalty with your existing customers, maintaining a strong social presence is an invaluable tool in helping businesses to achieve their goals.

Consistency is essential

Why is it so important? Because it takes consistent, routine posting of engaging content to truly develop a relationship with someone, and to give them a reason to feel engaged and connected with your brand.

A one-off post has limited reach and will be forgotten within a few hours. Get in front of them daily and you’ll start to build the loyal relationships that businesses crave.


Build the right audience

The content you post helps to sculpt your audience. Who are your target customers? Are you speaking to and engaging directly with them?

Converting social exposure into sales

The ultimate result is sales. Engage your customers, build your audience, drive targeted traffic to your site and generate new business.

Pulling it together into a cohesive strategy

Based on the audience being targeted and your goals, plan your content. The three stages of planning and scheduling are outlined below.

1 – Plan Your Content

The first stage of any social media strategy is to establish the types of content that should be posted to your audience. You should be asking the following questions:

Once you’ve established these core details, start planning content ideas that fit the criteria.

Your content should be varied, keeping things fresh while contributing towards your overall goals. Integrate promotional content with more engaging posts to keep your audience interested while subtly promoting your products.

2 – Quantity and Timing of Posts

Plan your posting schedule to maximize the likelihood that your audience will engage with your posts. Who are you trying to communicate with, and when are they most likely to engage? Using the analytical tools provided by platforms such as Twitter and Facebook makes it possible to gain an insight into when your audience is most interactive with your posts.

Establish the optimal quantity of posts, and the best times of day to send them, and put your content schedule into action.

3 – Scheduling Options

It is essential to schedule content ahead of time. No matter how committed you are to posting regular, engaging content, using an automated scheduler will ensure your posting remains consistent and aligned with your business goals, not to mention the countless hours you will save every week. Instead of spending one hour daily on social posts, spend a couple of hours preparing a schedule for the fortnight to come.

Social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter provide integrated options for scheduling posts, but there are many other methods of achieving this. The most popular social scheduling service, Hootsuite, allows advanced features such as posting to multiple social networks in a single click. If you have not already, it is well worth spending time becoming familiar with these features.

Operating a cohesive social strategy, planned and scheduled ahead of time, provides numerous benefits. Not only will it ensure you are using this marketing tool to its full potential and moving closer towards your business goals, it will save you valuable time every week, allowing you to focus on what you do best; running your business.

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