25 Years of the Internet

August 2016 marked 25 years since the world-wide web was created. In this post I'll look at how the internet has evolved since then and where I think we'll go next.

25 Years of the Internet

August 2016 marked 25 years since the world-wide web was created. In this post I'll look at how the internet has evolved since then and where I think we'll go next.
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In the beginning...

... (1989) Mr Tim Berners-Lee, an English scientist working at CERN (yeah, the place with the big scary black hole machine we all heard about a few years ago) gave his initial proposal for the World Wide Web.

Berners-Lee was a qualified physicist. His main drive behind creating the web was as simple as this - As a scientist in 1989, trying to share your research with other scientist around the world proved pretty difficult. In order to publish your findings easily, there had to be somewhere where you could store your work and allow others to view it. And instead of simply waiting around for technology to update, what did Tim go and do? He only went and updated it himself! Thanks Tim!

Now let's see how the internet has changed over the years. Have a look at this page you're on. Take in the fonts, colours, images, animations, contact forms and navigation. All of these elements appear on almost every website these days.
Now, take a look at the image below or click this link: Here
First webpage ever created Bit of a difference huh?
That right there is the first webpage ever published! Well ... sort of. That's the page CERN has kept as "The First Webpage". It may have said something slightly different and looked a lot more primitive in the late 80s without our advanced browsers such as Google Chrome our even our rubbish, clunky browsers such as Internet Explorer.
Seriously... if you're one of those people still using Internet Explorer, stop. Please. 😃

And then there was light ...

I wont bore you with the full history of how the internet has evolved. Long story short, there are now countless coding languages and browsers at our disposal making the internet a truly astounding array of interactivity, entertainment and information.

In more recent times, the birth of Google and social media has gripped the entire planet.

Where are we now?

With the combination of a powerful search engine and the ability to communicate freely with the entire world, we now have every piece of information that's ever been shared online at our fingertips. Whether you're iPhone or Android. Mac or PC. Google or Bing (Just kidding! No one uses Bing! 😂). Let's all take a minute to marvel at what we've achieved and what's available to us.

We are now at a stage where the internet is no longer exclusive to computers.
Your mobile phone, your television, your watch and your camera - to name but a few - are now all connected to the internet.


We now have virtual reality, online gaming, every type of media available to stream and entire career paths based around the internet. It really has revolutionised the way we interact with the world.

So what's next?

Where do we go from here? Surely now everything that can be online is online right? Wrong! Over the last few years, smart houses have been developed. This means your entire house, will one day, be connected to the internet.

From clicking a button to tell your kettle to make you a cup of coffee by the time you're home, to unlocking your door with your phone, you will feel like you're in a sci-fi movie.

The recent refinement of virtual reality means that we will soon be able to interact with the internet using our eyes. I'm predicting that in the near future, we'll all be wearing contact lenses that give us a heads up display of our online presence. Scary right?


Lets have a look at the first ever webpage again: Click here

I'll leave you with a link to the AWWWARDS site which showcases some of the most innovative websites around. If you come across any websites that you think are impressive then please leave a link to them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and remember to leave a comment if you think there are any other websites that top the one I referenced!
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