First of all, thanks for coming! I'll try keep this short and sweet ...
I've started this blog to share my experience of being a freelance web developer here in Glasgow. You'll find some info on my business experience, some basic tutorials from "How to google properly" to some basic coding tutorials (coming soon...) and some barely coherent ramblings. Hope you enjoy and remember to leave a comment!

25 Years of the Internet

August 2016 marked 25 years since the world-wide web was created. In this post I'll look at how the internet has evolved since then and where I think we'll go next. Read more ...
Posted - 1st January 2016

Being a Freelance Web Designer in Glasgow

My experience with being a freelance web developer/desginer here in Glasgow has been interesting to say the least.
Read more to get some insights and tips. Enjoy ...
Posted - 1st January 2016

5 Myths About Freelancing

Here, I debunk some of the assumptions and myths about working as a freelancer. From time off, to your own salary. Read more ...
Posted - 1st January 2016

Top Tips for Potential Freelancers

Some tips on how to get started and stay productive if you're considering taking the plunge and working for yourself. Read more ...
Posted - 1st January 2016